About Tantra Yoga DK

Mikael Kjærsgaard Møller Tantra Yoga DKWho is behind Tantra Yoga DK?

My name is Mikael Kjaersgaard Moeller and I was born in 1979, and I started Tantra Yoga DK in the beginning of 2014. I am studying Traditional Tantra and Tantra Yoga (also called Kaula) in Shri Kali Ashram in India, where I have lived most of my time since 2013. I am studying under the guidance of the tantric master Bhagavan Shri Shanmukha Anantha Natha, and I am still dividing my time between studying in India and teaching classes and workshops in Denmark and other places if requested.

Before I went to Shri Kali Ashram, I practiced and studied different kinds of yoga, tantra, and meditation for several years in both Denmark, USA, and India. Furthermore, I have a master in culture and communication, I have previously through many years been a martial arts instructor and fighter on the Danish national team in kickboxing, I have taught communication workshops for DGI, and I have worked in the communication department of the University of Copenhagen several years.

Tantra Yoga DK has changed the name to Kaula Yoga DK. So visit Kaula Yoga DK’s website for info about classes, events, and more.

What does Tantra Yoga DK offer?

Tantra Yoga DK offers classes, workshops, lectures, retreats and more based on Traditional Tantra Yoga, as it is taught in Shri Kali Ashram. Tantra Yoga DK also offers ayurvedic walking massage, which has been a part of my studies in Shri Kali Ashram.

Events can focus on the practical aspects of Tantra Yoga and meditation, they can be lectures about the philosophy behind Traditional Tantra, Tantra Yoga and meditation, or they can be a mix of these.

Events can also include ayurvedic walking massage, where the participants will learn to give each other massage with their feet, or they can include basic sanskrit or chanting.

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